Experienced software engineer with a passion for open-source.

Hi! My name is Son Vu. I have over 15 years of professional Full-stack development experience. My skill set is primarily comprised of open-source technologies around Linux, Apache, MySQL, Mariadb, Oracle, Postgres and SQL Server. My programming skills consist of PHP (with a heavy emphasis on OOP & MVC design principles), Perl, Python, SQL, PL/SQL, data exchange formats (JSON, XML, YAML), shell scripting, JavaScript (traditional, JQuery, Prototype, AngularJS, D3, AJAX, etc…), HTML and CSS.

In my years of experience, I have engaged in the planning, development and deployment (on cloud based/dedicated servers via AWS/Rackspace) of numerous panel management systems, SOAP/REST API service layers, web applications, portals, and site designs — using frameworks that I have built from the ground up; or using existing PHP frameworks such as Zend, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Lumen, Slim, and FuelPHP.

Other skills that I possess includes expert knowledge of version control management systems (GIT, SVN and CVS), Integrated Development Environment (Netbeans, Eclipse, and PhpStorm), Virtual Environments (using VirtualBox, Parallel, VMWare, Vagrant, and/or Docker), and Adobe CS Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, ActionScript, etc.) Furthermore, I am very knowledgeable and comfortable working in Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows environment while possessing the essential skills to setup and self-administer the development workspace within these platforms.

I invite you to view my portfolio.

Clean water doesn't come from dirty pipes!

Software Development

Over 15 years of professional experience in writing software

Cloud Managment

Experienced in AWS & Rackspace cloud environments

UI Design

"A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it's not that good. – Startup Vitamins"

Professional Experience

Sr. Software Engineer

LoadExpress, Infogation

01/2017 – 9/2017

LoadExpress® is a digital freight matching and transportation execution platform enabling 3PLs/ Brokers, Shippers, and Carriers to easily tender loads, accept bids, and execute transportation in one integrated marketplace.

Sr. Software Engineer

BlueHornet, Digital River

11/2012 – 12/2016

BlueHornet is a leading email marketing service provider specializing in strategic email marketing programs, deliverability and advertising campaign solutions. Blue Hornet extends email marketing team’s expertise with intuitive, all-inclusive email-marketing software platform and services and enables companies to quickly and efficiently implement sophisticated, data-driven lifecycle messaging programs for rapid return on investment.

Sr. Software Engineer


01/2012 – 11/2012

Industry leader in personalized and branded products for electronic devices based in sunny San Diego. Made in the USA since 2005, Skinit creates quality cases and skins to protect your smartphone, gaming device, tablet, laptop, audio device and more!

Sr. Software Engineer


06/2010 – 12/2011

AppraiserLoft is a leading provider of comprehensive collateral valuation products targeted towards the mortgage lending, servicing, and insurance industries. With coast to coast coverage, AppraiserLoft appraisers bring intimate knowledge of local markets and trends to meet all our clients' needs. What sets AppraiserLoft apart from all other national firms is its communications technology and software platform which allows for the fastest placement and completion of real estate valuations in the nation. AppraiserLoft customers have immediate access to the fastest, most reliable, residential valuation services available.

Principal Engineer

12/2006 – 06/2010

Through a patented system and the use of unique "Dating DNA Numbers", allows you to instantly determine how compatible you are with another person, literally within seconds of meeting them, yet still keep your anonymity and protect your privacy. Unlike traditional dating sites where literally anyone on the Internet can view your photos, read your personal information and then start contacting you, Dating DNA's unique approach keeps all your photos and personal information completely private, except from those who are compatible with you, and the rules you set.

Sr. UI Engineer

St. Bernard Software

04/2007 – 02/2008

St. Bernard Software (OTCBB: SBSW) is a global provider of comprehensive security and hosted office solutions for small and midsize businesses (SMBs). St. Bernard Software also provides the SMB market with a broad range of flexible and integrated hosted solutions, including secure content management, messaging continuity and collaboration.

Sr. Software Engineer


09/2005 – 02/2007

Convera is a leading provider of search technologies for professional workers, delivering world-class, sophisticated search capabilities that allow professionals to better retrieve precise, actionable information.

Lead Developer

Luth Research

02/2001 – 09/2005

For the past 35 years, Luth Research has introduced innovative, leading-edge platforms to the market research industry. As a leader in building communities and delivering insights, we were at the forefront of the digital revolution in 1999 with the launch of SurveySavvy®, our patented online research panel. Over time, this global community has grown to include millions of online participants and continues to expand its membership daily. Add to that the enhanced online behavioral tracking enabled by Luth Research ZQ IntelligenceTM, and our clients have some of the most comprehensive methods for better understanding their customers — online and offline.

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Son was a senior software engineer on my team for 4 years at BlueHornet/Mapp Digital. During that time Son worked on several important projects, both as a contributor and lead. Son's detailed approach and thoroughness continually impressed me. I could always rely on Son to document the technical details of the project, even when it was not a strict deliverable on the project. These notes were invaluable when advancing the project with further iterations or handing it off to other engineers.

Son excelled at working with complicated APIs and third-party software. But the thing I appreciate most about Son is his consistent solicitation of feedback; he was always checking with colleagues and myself for things he could improve on. The ability to take frank feedback and act on it is an invaluable skill. I recommend Son and would be glad to work with him again.

Tyler Wardhaugh

( Director of Engineering )

BlueHornet / Mapp Digital

Son is very talented and hardworking software engineer I had great pleasure to work with at Bluehornet. We had a few enjoyable technial brainstorming talks in the past which I definitely will miss. Son's professional demeanor and personal character and integrity make working with him in team and individual settings both pleasurable and very productive. I would highly recommend Son for any project or position he felt intrigued and confident enough to pursue, he would be an absolute asset and make an excellent addition to any team.

Raymond Zhang

( Sr. Software Engineer )

BlueHornet / Mapp Digital

I have had the pleasure of working with Son for the past two months and he is an excellent Sr. Software Engineer! Next, his vast array of organizational knowledge and technical skills have been instrumental in the success of our project teams, as well as many other vital department tasks. Further, Son is very detail-oriented and has willingly been available anytime that I have requested assistance. This has made my transition into my role much easier and is greatly appreciated. Moreover, Son has excellent leadership, communication, and organizational skills, which he displays on a routine basis. With this in mind, I strongly recommend Son!

Robert Key

( Sr. Project Manager )

BlueHornet / Mapp Digital

Son is an excellent software engineer - I have worked with him for four years and enjoyed working with him - very knowledgeable in many different areas and always willing to help other in team. I strongly recommend Son.

Chinh Ha

( Software Engineer )

BlueHornet / Mapp Digital

I had an opportunity to collaborate with Son on many complex projects. He is always thorough in his work, plan and document properly which is a great skill to have. He posses exceptional technical knowledge, always be on top of the technology and uses new code/architectural concepts in his work. Always ready to help, easy to collaborate with. I really enjoyed working with Son and I highly recommend him for any potential employer.

Dharmesh Coordinator

( Onsite Cordinator )

Cybage Software Inc

I had the privilege of working with Son on many complex, highly visible, and demanding web development projects in his four years tenure at Bluehornet.

Son played a key role on all these projects as both a software developer and Team lead. Son is proactive, result oriented, responsible and technically sound employee and he is always ready to put all his energy and time to get the job done. He has an exceptional troubleshooting and analytical skills.

Son is a collaborative team player, and can be relied upon to lead multi-functional projects diligently. Beyond his role, he is ready to provide a helping hand wherever necessary. As a creative thinker who possesses a can-do attitude, Son is a pleasure to work with. I recommend him highly.

Krishna KP

( Sr. Systems Analyst )

Cybage Software Inc

I had an opportunity to work with Son at BlueHornet/Mapp Digital and it was an experience to be admired. His detailed and documented approach is his unique skill which helps others to understand the complex tech project. He worked with the best of professionalism and attitude that really helped the product development grow. He possesses excellent skills that are required in a good developer – technical as well as behavioral. Wish him all the very best for his future

Veerendra Patel

( Sr. Software Engineer )

Cybage Software Inc

Son is an experienced leader in online technologies and development. Working together on the strategy, development and successful launch of was a pleasure. He is reliable and understands the meaning of mission critical deliverables. Son presents and communicates well with internal resources and clients. I would not hesitate to work with Son again or trust him with a project that is pushing the boundaries of online technology.

Patrick Carmitchel

( VP Product Management )


Son is smart and creative. His ability to bridge different technologies together and produce great results is a key strength.

Nahme Chokeir

( President )

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